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Solo sex magick for beginners

Tools for Transformation

The following tools can utilized for solo sex magick exploration. It’s extremely important to develop your own personal practice before involving anyone else so that you feel confident, comfortable, & empowered when you decide to invite others to join you. 

Remember: sexual life-force energy is profoundly powerful & healing, however it can unearth many deep shadows & unhealed wounds that can be triggering and/or traumatizing. As always: go slow, tune into your body, listen to your intuition, & take care of yourself however you need. Do not engage with anything that feels overwhelming or unsafe. 

Creating a ritual space:

Your ritual space is a direct reflection of the energy that you are wanting to immerse yourself in. Take some time to clean your space, silence all electronics, turn on some relaxing music, put on clothing/lingerie that makes you feel sensual & divine, & gather any important tools that you would like to work with (tarot/oracle decks, journal, crystals, herbs/incense, massage oils, sex toys, etc.). 

Setting your intention:

Take a moment to decide on one clear intention that you would like to focus on throughout your practice. You can utilize tarot/oracle decks, journaling prompts, meditation practices, or any other tool to conjure your intention. Some examples of possible intentions are:

  • To allow your body to experience pleasure 

  • To reclaim your sexual energy after a negative experience

  • To call love and/or partnership into your life

  • To manifest a specific career goal

  • To release shame and/or guilt

Once you have decided on your intention, say it out loud three times.


Some people enjoy working with a specific ancestor, god/goddess, spirit, etc. You can welcome them into your ritual space by calling them by name & devoting your practice to them. This can be as simple as saying, “I welcome _____ into this space with me. I devote my sex magick practice/my orgasm to ________. Thank you for guiding me, protecting me, & supporting me.” You can also devote your practice to yourself, your friends, your community, etc. if that feels more applicable. Be sure to thank the energy that you called in when you are closing your ritual space.

Taking your time:

Magick cannot be rushed, especially not sex magick. Take your time to slowly slip into a state of relaxation & exploration while listening to your body’s desires & needs. Massage your skin, experiment with different sensations, allow your body to move in whatever way it wants, explore whatever body parts are asking for your attention, bask in the radiance of your beauty & strength…Release any & all expectations, just be present for what’s coming up.

Breath Work:

Conscious breath work is a powerful tool to implement throughout your sex magick exploration from beginning to end. Continually check in with your breathing by intentionally sending it into specific areas of the body that may be calling for your attention. Conscious breath work allows you to slow down, align your body’s natural rhythms, & measure energetic build-up as you slowly move towards orgasm.


Using your intention to conjure a specific image in your head can help you feel more viscerally connected & embodied. Allow your minds eye to show you whatever it is that your sexual energy is wanting to manifest. Visuals can come to us in many forms so release any judgment towards the images that may come up for you. They are not dirty, they are not disgusting, they are not problematic or wrong…they are simply messages from your subconscious that want to be heard and/or healed. 


Edging is a technique that allows you to gradually build your sexual energy, channel it towards a specific manifestation intention, & then release it on command. To edge yourself, bring your body close to orgasm & then cease all stimulation. Pause, breathe, pay attention to the energetic build up occurring throughout your body, & then slowly begin to stimulate yourself again. You can edge yourself for a few minutes, over the course of a few hours, or even over the length of a few days/weeks. Whether or not an orgasm follows after edging is up to you because orgasm is not necessarily the goal. The goal is to simply feel the power of that creative life-force energy building inside of you.

Verbal Affirmation:

Orgasm is not always necessary within a sex magick practice.however if you do decide to utilize orgasm it’s important to channel it in a clear direction. As you feel yourself building towards your orgasm, recall your intention that you set at the beginning. Continue to repeat your intention over & over again either out loud or in your head until you reach climax (speaking out loud is more impactful but it can intimidating to try at first so ease into it over time). After you reach climax, take some time to ground yourself & repeat your intention a few more times while coming back to your center.

Your sex magick practice is individual & sacred. There is no wrong way to do it as long as you are engaging with deep listening: tune into your body, trust your intuition, go slow, release your own self-judgments, & allow yourself to embrace the profound power of your own creative life-force energy. 

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