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Lady Hexa is the sensual, alluring, all-powerful witch that your ancient ancestors worshipped and feared. Her spirit exists within multiple dimensions all at once…diving into the depths of the underworld to collect dead souls in her pockets, soaring above the clouds to secure her halo of divine protection, frolicking playfully with the faeries and nymphs of the forbidden forests, tempting sailors to their deaths with her siren song. She has served in the long forgotten ancient temples…prophesizing the fated fall of cursed emperors and kings, leading ceremonies to honor the goddess’ gift of fertility and life blood, gathering the secrets that were pushed underground by those who feared the undeniable power of the divine feminine. She has lived more lives than you. She is wiser than you. More fearless than you. Softer than you. She embodies the priestess, the goddess, the crone, the temptress, the maiden, the seductress, the mother, the warrioress, the sacred whore and all the rest. She sees into the depths of your soul and knows you better than you know yourself. Trust her to guide you into the murky underbelly of your hidden shadowy desires…she’ll never lead you astray…

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